Hi, I'm RIAM

I'm a UX researcher with a focus on qualitative research also with experience in interaction design and software development. I aim to build impactful, intuitive, and engaging products by understanding the goals, constraints, and attitudes of the people involved.

I’m currently contracting for Google as a UX Researcher on-site via Artech for the next year. Previously, I worked as a Business Intelligence consultant, conducting user research, and designing and engineering the interface of interactive data visualizations and enterprise analytics software for clients across multiple industries, such as retail and insurance, and in multiple departments such as marketing, merchandising and finance. I’ve worked on simulation tools for satellite tracking, as well as utilities distribution systems modeling. I’ve also consulted at early stage startups and small businesses in spaces such as education and the sharing economy.

I have a Master's from Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in Human-Computer Interaction and a Bachelor's from the University of Virginia, majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering with minors in Engineering Business, Science & Technology Policy, and Applied Mathematics. 

In my spare time, I enjoy stairclimbing, having competed in 3 major races and looking to enter a fourth soon. I also enjoy applying food science to experimental cooking.

While this has served as my UX portfolio page, while I’m on my current project for an extended period of time, in the meanwhile, it shall serve as a gallery of my culinary adventures.